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The Health Literacy Atlas is a resource platform that provides information on health literacy around the globe. It serves to inquire and inspire.

Kristine Sørensen
Founder and Director

The Global Health Literacy Academy is founded by Kristine Sørensen with the aim of developing the potential of people, professionals, organizations, systems, and communities for a health literate society.

Through capacity building, the Global Health Literacy Academy provides knowledge, motivation, and competency to act as health literacy leaders and champions in everyday life to improve health and quality of life for all.​ 

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Thank you! The Global Health Literacy Academy has received support to this project from students, interns, and colleagues around the world.


A special acknowledgement goes to Shweta Tatkar, Lauren Bedard, Lois Jeon, Vivianna Juncal, Jonas Rasmussen, Rosemarie Lucero, Nhat Quang Nguyen, Ava Oelrich, Diana Ruvalcaba, Andrea Seet, Hayden Tavoda, Johanna Wipfel, Annette Kindermann and Nina Berankova for their efforts to trawl the Internet for data and translations.

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